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Where do I complain?

Why isn't my hardware supported?

So what hardware is supported?

How do I use the git repository?

I use your code, what can I do to help?


How do I build this code?

Where are the packages for my distribution?


I need a weird mode!

My panel acts up!

I need dual-head!

When I use the panel, I can't use the TV!

My CRT blanks out when I use the panel or the TV encoder.

When I use the TV, my CRT runs at 50 or 60Hz only!

My TV encoder doesn't accept my modeline!


Where is XvMC?

What use is this driver without XvMC?

Translucency with an Xv overlay?


What can I do to reduce Xv CPU usage?

My HW overlay doesn't uncover properly!

Xine and autopainted colorkey don't play ball!

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